Pets Corner was established in 1978 with an idea to support our growing veterinary business at the time. In 1984, we realized that there was an opportunity for the business to stand on its own and venture into distribution and supply of quality pet nutrition and supplements, hygiene, accessories, healthcare and other pet related products in Malaysia and abroad. Pets Corner works with key partners like Colgate Palmolive (US), Scarecrow (Japan), ROGZ (South Africa), and Aristopet (Australia) to bring the best pet products to pet owners.


For the past 45 years, since the start of his career in small animal practice, Datuk Dr. S. Sivagurunathan – Nurtured and pioneered the Companion Animal veterinary industry in Malaysia. He is committed to animal welfare through his passion in animal care and well being through his veterinary practice and foundation (MNAWF, Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation) – which he founded with the aim to promote a caring Malaysian society through awareness and balanced approach to animal welfare for the wellbeing of animal and mankind.

Thus Datuk Dr. S. Sivagurunathan made it a point that client education in his practice was of paramount importance to promote Responsible Pet Ownership.

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The Department of Veterinary Services issues permit for the importation and exportation of live animal and animal product under the legislation of Animal Act 1953 (Revised 2006) and Animal Food Act 2009 (Act 698).

Medivet Group of Companies is the largest private veterinary healthcare group in Malaysia with its range of services extending into several affiliated sectors.


To promote a caring Malaysian society through creating awareness and a balanced approach to animal welfare


To be the leader in the small animal health industry. Maintain and further develop our presence and strength in the area of pet nutrition and health care for the well being of pets. An international network of suppliers we continuously strive for.

Pets Corner being the business arm of the flag ship Animal Medical Centre, will be recognized for her exceptional service, technological superiority and insight into the marketplace. By doing such, the organisation will have the most committed, responsive and informed workforce.

Mission Statement

Our clients are our business. The identification and satisfaction of their needs is our purpose. The small animal health industry, veterinary profession, suppliers, shareholders and our staff are our clients.

To enhance the health and longevity of companion animals by providing education-orientated products and services that consistently apply the principles of clinical nutrition and preventive healthcare towards developing Responsible Pet Ownership.

To apply our intelligence, initiative, experience and skills to the expansion of our business and to do it in a way that makes our clients and staff feel that we are all part of something exciting and dynamic.

To endeavor working with and through the advancement of research and development in animal husbandry to bring appropriate technology i.e product and services into the market place. To be the best in our chosen field of competition.


Nurturing responsible pet ownership since 1978

Our Beliefs and Values

Pets Corner was established over 3 decades ago through the dedication and commitment of a veterinarian who wanted to provide the best for pets, in terms of nutrition and health care.
Today, Pets Corner continues to build on this belief system to make nutrition and health care available for all pets.

Our core values:

P Perseverance & Determination
E Education
T Teamwork
I Integrity
C Commitment
A Accountability
R Respect
E Environmental


Our ‘people’ are committed partners of our organization who consistently represent our vision and goals. They are made up of pet-loving, dedicated individuals from various departments i.e. administration, sales & marketing, logistics and finance, who are committed in the pursuit of excellence and driven to meet your needs. Their levels of service are powered by passion and they continually work towards discovering ways to make a positive difference for pets and pet owners.


We believe in nurturing responsible pet ownership and developing the human animal bond via sharing and promoting the importance of animal welfare with the pet industry, pet owners and the community. We believe in a holistic approach of caring and providing for the well-being of companion animals via regular veterinary health care, balanced nutrition, daily exercise/ socialization and an enriching environment with lots of love. Our people are encouraged to contribute actively to animal welfare activities in any way of form that would promote a caring community in the area.


We continually strive towards providing quality products and services to our clients for their pets by;

• Ensuring all products meet the standards and requirements making them ‘pet-friendly’ and safe.
• Constantly innovating and formulating products which are clinically proven to promote good health and rehabilitating animal.
• Providing customers with products that are natural, while maintaining quality assurance.

Customer Service

Pets are our ultimate consumer and pet owners are our primary customers. Understanding and addressing the needs and meeting expectations of each pet owner in providing the finest service is what we do best.

Our Team

We are pioneers in pet nutrition and healthcare industry. Pets Corner has served the Malaysian pet industry for more than 35 years. We are happy to have played an important role in the development and changes in the area of providing balanced nutrition for pets, coupled with providing ‘pet friendly’ products and accessories to enhance the level of pet care in this country. This in turn has helped to develop responsible pet owners to be better equipped in nurturing a lifelong bond with their ‘furry’ loved ones.

I believe when a pet enters our home for all the right reasons, the unconditional love and joy that the pet brings along, has no bounds. As pet owners, the focus is on us to ensure proper care for these living beings which are very dependent on us.

Today our distribution network spans the country from East Malaysia to the Peninsular, working closely with specialty pet stores and veterinary clinics. We are actively involved in the shaping of the pet industry with various government bodies namely the Department of Veterinary Services. We are also endorsed by the pet fanciers clubs and associations and partake in various activities throughout the year promoting better care and welfare for all pets.

From a humble beginning of just two members of staff to a workforce of more than 50 staff, we endeavor to provide our Malaysian pet owners with new products and services to further enhance and nurture pet ownership. This includes catering to a wide scope of pets from the traditional dog and cat ownership to exotic animals and birds. Our success in moving to a wider range of species of pets stems from the veterinary expertise of our founder-chairman and our staff (animal lovers in all) who are committed and dedicated to serving the pet industry better.

We are always seeking ways to nurture more awareness in pet ownership by educating the public through pet shows and animal welfare projects. We regularly cover trade and consumer pet shows with NGOs like SPCA and MNAWF. Through contribution of articles in various tabloids and mass media on pet care, we created this website for the benefit of all pet owners, the young and old as well as potential pet owners in the country.

In conclusion, I thank you for visiting our site and I do hope you find our website an interesting resource as well as a product catalog. We are positive that through this site we have advanced with the utilization of information technology, to assist you in line with our motto: “Towards the development of responsible pet ownership.”,

Happy browsing
Mr Shrilan Siva
Managing Director & Pet lover