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Breeder Program

As a caring Breeder, you will be very aware that besides a good home and loving owner, the pets in your care need quality nutrition. Your expertise in producing the best of the best should not be compromised by using anything other than the finest quality nutrition – Hill’s Science Diet is nutrition that lasts a lifetime.

Pets Corner Working Hand in Hand with Breeders

Pets Corner has always played a major role in the pet food industry for more than 35 years and today, we offer a vast range of healthcare and hygiene products to meet the needs of breeders, like yourselves in the country.

Our commitment to quality speaks for itself:

  • Precisely balanced nutrition for every stage of a dog or cat’s life
  • Optimum levels of high quality protein not only supports puppies but also supports nursing and pregnant females
  • All our formulas have CLINICALLY PROVEN ANTIOXIDANTS that helps maintain a healthy immune system of breeding stocks and puppies
  • All Hill’s Science Diet pet foods are naturally preserved for freshness and great taste
  • NEW & IMPROVED formulas will last longer than you may think and is cost effective. Dogs and Cats love the taste, 100% Guaranteed
  • High digestibility for less stool and easy clean-up

Special Member Prices

All members will be eligible to buy the products at a special breeder’s price. Kindly please fill in the Breeder Program Registration Form and fax to Pets Corner Sales Dept at 03-62577381. Please contact our Sales Dept to find out more special offer for breeders..

All breeder bags are for professional use only. They cannot be resold. Membership will be cancelled immediately if bags found to be resold.

Breeder Qualifications

Membership is free and open to all Dog and Cat breeders who meet the following requirements:

  • Active breeder with minimum 5 unspayed female of breeding age (1-6 yrs) on premises.
  • Must be a member of a pure breed controlling body. E.g. Malaysian Kennel Association (MKA), Feline Society Malaysia (FSM) and Malaysian Cat Club (MCC).
  • Produce minimum 3 litters of puppies/kittens each year.
  • Breeder must ensure all animals are treated and managed humanely in the kennel/cattery at all time.
  • Must provide a photo of your kennel/catteryand a copy of dog/cat club membership with complete registration form.

Terms of Membership

Membership is free and open to all Dog and Cat breeders who meet the following requirements:

  • Term of payment: Online Bank-In
  • All products purchased are NOT FOR RESALE.
  • Ensure minimum order requirement of 100 kgs.
  • Pets Corner personnel may visit kennel/cattery to provide product education from time to time.
  • Members must actively use Hill’s Science Diet in the kennel/cattery and recommend Hill’s Science Diet as the best choice to all potential pet owners and other breeders.
  • Merchandising materials bearing Hill’s Science Diet logo must be displayed if provided. E.g. flagliners, posters, cage tag and etc.
  • Pets Corner reserves the right in its absolute discretion to refuse membership to any person or to suspend or even cancel the membership at any time if the terms and conditions mentioned about are not fulfilled.

For more information, please contact:

Pets Corner Sdn. Bhd.
No 30 Jalan 4/32A, Pusat Perusahaan Kepong Batu 6.5
Jalan Kepong, Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur

T: +603-62597381 & +603-6259 PETS
F: +603-62577381

Customer support (for pet owners): customercare@petscorner.com.my
Sales (for retailers): orderdesk@petscorner.com.my
Vet. support (for veterinarians): vetsupport@petscorner.com.my
General enquiry (for business & trade): enquiry@petscorner.com.my

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