Joints take a huge impact from running, jumping and basically any form of physical movement and for some dogs, it is a problem.

There are two causes which are developmental and degenerative problems. Developmental meaning developing over time like hip dysplasia where the joints do not develop correctly in a number of different ways. Degenerative meaning the ligaments degenerate over time causing instability and secondary osteoarthritis that leads to cruciate ligaments like arthritis.

The signs to look out for if your pet has a joint problem:


Limping & stiffness

Locking of the joint

Redness & swelling

Tenderness (the common ones seen)

Managing joint issues can be done surgical if need by arthroscopic cleaning meaning the washing out or cleaning out the contents (blood, fluid or loose debris) inside a joint space or non-surgical where the most vital is weight management and body condition. The dog’s ideal weight must be achieved so there is decrease stress on it’s joints. In doing so, there is decrease of inflammation as fat is a source of inflammation in the joints. With body condition, the dog’s strength must be built-up so the muscle mass and function will help protect the joints and overall function.

In doing so, the type of food fed is critical so obtain food that is formulated for joint health that contain additives like fish oils, which help decrease inflammation and glucosamine and visit your nearest veterinarian for advice.

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