Find out how Hill’s Science Plan made an impact in these pet owners and their adorable pets.

“I wish I had fed Inu-San, my Pug on Science Plan when I first got him two years ago. Now after a mere 5 weeks on Science Plan Lamb & Rice his hair-coat has transformed to become more smoother and softer and the unsightly patches are gone. Thank you, Science Plan.”

– Ms Toni of Ipoh

“Thank you very much for introducing Science Plan Feline Kitten to me. Jojo my beloved cat loves the crunchy kibble so much and after only four weeks on this food it clearly shows in his sparkling right eyes and thicker coat.

Now I am telling all my friends about it.”

– Puan Nor of Cheras

“I saw a difference in the hair coat within 3 weeks of feeding Science Plan Feline Kitten to my twoPersian cats.”

– Cik Ain Yasmin from Subang

“I have been feeding my two-year old dachshund with Science Plan Canine Small Bite since he was a puppy and I notice that his hair-coat is very healthy and he is very active and happy.”

– Ms Linda of Sri Hartamas