Owning A Toy Breed Dog Is Such A Delight!

The large dogs have their own share of pet food catered specially for their needs. We cannot forget the smaller breeds or toy breeds whose number has tremendously increased among breeders and pet owners in the past few years. Like all dogs they manage to give you so much joy and affection and instantly are a sure hit with all members of the family!

Examples of toy breed dogs are the Shih Tzu, Miniature Pinscher, Poodle, Terrier, Beagle, Pomeranian, Maltese, and Dachshund. They are all very adorable too. Therefore, we like to highlight a few important points for your beloved small breed pet.

Space and environment

You need a relatively smaller area space for a toy breed dog since they are smaller in size in comparison to a large breed dog. Other than a good balanced diet the toy breeds are happiest when they are indoors in close contact with their owners and given lots of love and attention. Do make sure you have a little cosy corner for him or her to rest for example a little bed or puppy crate, more so, when they are very young.

Health care and grooming

Veterinarian visits and annual check-ups should be regularly looked into for the toy breed and some of them need more grooming than some others for example, the Shih tzu, Poodle and Terrier whose coats are thicker and need regular brushing and maintenance. The short-haired breeds for example Dachshund, Miniature Pinscher and so on need very little grooming but the daily cleaning of ears and eyes should not be ignored either. For dogs the amount of grooming you do depends a lot on the type of dog you own.

Poodles require professional grooming while Dachshunds require very little grooming. Nails too need to be trimmed and kept short while long-eared dogs need their ears to be cleaned more often. For your puppy, bathe only as needed with a good puppy shampoo since too many baths can strip his coat of essential oils. You should set aside some time for your pet’s grooming sessions. They should be kept short and preferably should start since puppy so that your dog gets used to being handled and this will also prepare him for some home health-checkups. At the same time it helps a great deal during the visits to the veterinarian since your dog needs to stand quietly. Always talk to your dog gently – if he wiggles or fights during the grooming sessions, sternly say ‘No’. If he’s still, praise him.

Grooming will also allow you to check for potentially serious problems. Check for areas of hair loss, inflammation, unusual tenderness or lumps under the skin. Good grooming habits also prevents fleas and ticks on your pet and thus helps keep them under control. Constant scratching in a particular area may also be an indication of a problem. Check with your veterinarian about any unusual problems you may find. One of the main reasons for dogs to suffer from poor hair coat is primarily due to poor nutrition provided by their owners. Some of the signs commonly seen are dry, flaky skin, dull coats, dermatitis and even hair loss!

Many toy breed owners like to buy leashes and pet accessories for their small breeds. These leashes come in trendy and cute designs too.

Toilet training for the small breed puppy

Since the toy breeds are indoors a good toilet training aid that can be used is the ‘Housebreaking aid’ from the Aristopet range. Puppies will be fully toilet trained in about two week and you will have a well behaved puppy in your hands in no time at all. When you sprinkle just 2-3 drops on the newspaper and place it at the same spot everyday puppies will start using the area and become accustomed to the training. This method has been proven and is an amazing tool to achieve a toilet-trained puppy. It is important to be patient with your pup and allow him plenty of time to sniff around and do repeat the procedure the next day and after.

Life span of the toy breeds

The life span of a toy breed dog far exceeds that of a large breed dog. You can expect a toy breed dog to live longer for a maximum of 15-18 years! With good nutritional management and lots of love and care, the life expectancy of a toy breed can far surpass the normal age limit.


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Most pet owners will indeed be happy to know that the small bite formulas are available in the market for your adorable toy breed dogs! Therefore, the following are some important points to consider for keeping your beloved pet happy at all times:

    • the kibble size is smaller
    • tastes great
    • nutrient excesses like sodium are avoided which can be harmful in the long run.
    • chewing becomes easy
    • there won’t be wastage of food
    • feeding cost is lower

For those of you who love to have a pet, but are faced with space constraint, getting a toy breed dog is the best option, moreover you may be thinking of keeping him indoors. So, go ahead and check them out at your nearest pet store because these breeds certainly take up less space and truly will be able to bring much happiness and joy into any family.