What to Look for When Choosing a Puppy

Ever thought about the origins of your pup? This will entirely depend on where you purchased it from. Knowing some of its history is important and will help you understand him better and assist you in bringing him up as well behaved as possible.

We like to give you a few tips on why it is really important to choose a healthy pup so that you can enjoy pet ownership to the fullest.

These are some important notes for you to look into…

1. A certificate of registration of the pup if it is pedigree i.e. its history, health, breed and age if it is for show or breeding purposes. Buy a puppy from a breeder or pet shop who keeps his puppies in a clean environment. Puppies should look well cared for and healthy. Take your time in checking its overall health before making the purchase.

2. The breed of puppy is also important for example, large breed puppies have different needs than a small or toy breed pup. All puppies must be fed according to their weight. A large breed puppy must be fed a large breed premium brand pet food to ensure its proper skeletal and bone development.

3. Find out if the relevant vaccinations have been administered and take your new pup to the vet immediately for a check up upon purchase. A thorough check is of utmost importance for eg. vaccinations and blood/urine analysis.

4. Have some knowledge on the environment that puppy was housed. For the first few days at home make sure you toilet-train your pup and spend enough time getting to know him/her. If there are kids make sure they are taught how much to feed and to always ensure puppy has clean fresh water at all times.

5. If puppy had been abused by previous owner and has some behavioural problems; so that you are able to rectify them. This is important because some puppies will become withdrawn and will not be able to adapt properly.

6. Also remember to walk your dog with a leash so you have complete control over him in public areas.

7. As a responsible pet owner it is good to take a plastic bag along when out for a walk in case your pup decides to ‘pooh’. Keeping the environment and public place clean is the social responsibility of every pet owner!

8. If you purchase a guard or working dog, do send him for the appropriate training at an established training centre.

By making sure puppies receive the extra care and attention, we are indirectly forging unique relationships with them and soon after these animals will be moulded to become loving household pets/companions, thereby serving us in the many different ways they had been trained to do, such as police or guard dogs, a family dog for the children to play with, or maybe even a guide and rescue dog.

When looking for a pet food for your puppy, it is advisable to read the labels whilst healthcare and hygiene should not be ignored either. So, for those new pet owners out there, this is certainly the best time to find out what’s in store for your pets. There are many various diets for puppies. For example, with Hill’s Science Diet you feed less and it costs less too. Please use our Hill’s 8oz measuring cup to be perfectly accurate. It is very palatable and puppies just love the taste, moreover it is formulated with 23 vitamins and minerals not forgetting the high levels of anti-oxidants, i.e. vitamin C and E for a stronger immune system. Therefore, you can rest assured you are feeding him a good diet.

A large breed puppy (for example, German Shepherd) aged 4 months which is 60lbs in weight must be fed 7 _ cups (dry food-according to feeding guide behind bag) of Hills. This amount has to be divided into 2 portions and fed accordingly. It is advisable to feed your pet twice a day, more in the morning and lesser in the evening, so that he can still stay active and alert during the night.

A well-balanced diet is important for your puppy’s growth and development. Avoid table scraps and human food such as whole chicken steamed, rice with red meat and any other source of meat that are for human consumption as you will not be able to ascertain the amount of vitamins and mineral content in these diets. Just like humans all pets need overall balanced nutrition with all the essential vitamins and minerals added in the pet food. Table scraps and solely meat diets do not provide complete nutrition for your beloved pup! Have fun learning more about your pup.